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Mental Health & Well-Being

“Ibn Sina community clinics offers wide range of mental and behavioral health services to Individuals, Groups, and families.”

  • Individual / Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Complete assessment of you, your child and/or family
  • Treatment including medication or therapy or a combination of both

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Ibn Sina Foundation expanded Mental Health services and has been providing behavioral health assessments, counseling, and psychiatric consultations. The services are available Monday to Saturday as a walk-in or by appointment.

We provide in-person and tele behavioral health services through a dedicated team of counselors and psychiatrists to individuals and their families. We promote Mental Health & Well-Being education in partnership with other community organizations through outreach and community-based events.

The clinical and telehealth-based Mental Health & Well-Being and counseling services are:

Psychiatrist Consultation

Under the guidance of experienced physicians specializing in adult, child and adolescent psychiatrists, we evaluate, diagnose and treat mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Individual Therapy Services

Individual counseling or therapy give clients a safe space to process their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors on one-to-one with a trained professional. Our dedicated team of counselors and therapists have vast experience in supporting individuals of all ages for many of life’s challenges including stress and anxiety, relationship struggles, self-efficacy or self-esteem, divorce and separation, depression, trauma, and anger management.

Group Therapy Services

Group therapy is a powerful form of treatment. It can be helpful to meet with other people who are having the same experiences you are. A group meets with a counselor or therapist and cover topics like depression, financial hardships, cultural challenges, family bonding, violence, trauma, and other common challenges that many people may face.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers a safe space for couples to work through challenges and focus on healthy relationships. A therapist provides unbiased, professional guidance related to complex relationship topics such as grief, sex, affairs, family structure, co-parenting, and conflict resolution. Therapy can help couples through life transitions, such as parenthood, or working through past traumas that affect the relationship.

Family Therapy

Families can benefit from therapy when experiencing a stressful life event such as the loss of a loved one or a new addition to the family, relocation, undergoing any financial hardship, or coping with divorce issues. Our therapists work with families to build trust, improve communication, create healthy boundaries, understand family patterns and cultural dynamics in order to reduce conflict.

Community-based Outreach Programs

Ibn Sina works with community programs that focus on prevention of mental illness and promotion of overall well-being. These include community events such as health fairs, workshops, seminars, and conferences. Ibn Sina also provides Mental Health First Aid Training to various community leaders and stakeholders.